Careers in Media – Looking at Options Beyond the News Media Industry

Careers in Media – Looking at Options Beyond the News Media Industry

Many think of a career in media as one that is related to a journalism job, as a newscaster in a broadcast network or as a writer in the publishing industry. Although that is not far from the meaning of media, a career in this field can be other than journalism-related. After all, media refers to a network of agencies involved in the dissemination of information.

A career in media may include writing, reporting, editing. broadcasting, filming, printing, directing, managing and all other jobs providing technical support to pass information in every medium of communication for a particular network or industry. This also explains why the plural form media is used in describing the field; it involves several agencies in carrying out the single purpose of responsibly sharing or passing important information for different purposes.

Why a Career in News Media Should Uphold the Public’s Right to Access Information

In a democratic society, the public’s right to access information is important as it enables citizens to make informed decisions on different aspects of their daily life. Ideally, having access to genuine information aims to empower citizens to make enlightened decisions in choosing the political candidates to represent them in different government levels. Yet unfortunately in recent years, several career men and women, especially in the news media industry, have cast aside the importance of their role as media people. Doing so had ripped the very fabric of democratic governments.

If you are to pursue a career in news media, it’s important to bear in mind that you have a role in keeping democracy intact, by identifying, uncovering and in helping maintain transparency of information transmitted to the general public. Mainly because part of your responsibility as a member of the news industry is to uphold the people’s right to access genuine and unbiased information.

Writing and Editing as a General Career in Media

Today, a career as a writer is no longer confined to literary and academic works since this particular media category encompasses not only journalism but also filmmaking and content marketing.

A writer can also be an editor, who has a greater responsibility of ensuring that a written work meets all the standards set by the institution or organization for whom the material was written.

Some writers find work as ghostwriters who produce written work or digital content in behalf of another person. in exchange for a fee. A ghostwriter foregoes the right to claim the written work as his. Part of the arrangement is to give the employer the right to attribute or publish the material in his name.

Actually, there has been an increasing demand for ghostwriters. A number of industries and entrepreneurs are in need of professional writers capable of writing public relations materials, website content, speeches and even letters of application.

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