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Health news COVID-19 Boosts News Consumption

COVID-19 Boosts News Consumption

The Digital News Report Netherlands 2021 is about news use in the Netherlands. Together with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, we conducted the study for the fourth time in early 2021. In the midst of a lockdown and with a curfew in effect. COVID-19 has set the news agenda for more than …

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Technology Do you want to play free games online?

Do you want to play free games online?

Boredom is no more a problem so long as you have a preference for games and an online connection. New technologies and high speed links have attracted games directly to your computer enjoyable and immediately . A number of these games have been made in a language named Flash that lets animations without having resources …

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News How Technology Became Part of Media

How Technology Became Part of Media

People now know how important technology is for our everyday lives. But not just for everyday lives but for every work in this busy industry, the media is one.  I am not just talking about televisions, smartphones and iPads but into a whole lot more in this digitalized world dominated by high-end technology. But the …

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