eSports News: Changes In The 2022 LCK Spring For The 2022 LOL World Champions

eSports News: Changes In The 2022 LCK Spring For The 2022 LOL World Champions

In the upcoming 2022 League of Legends World Championship, the world’s top professional League of Legends teams will compete in a single-elimination tournament to see who will be crowned champion. Each team has already been decided by the professional circuit that they have qualified through, and now they are set to battle it out in one final match.

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The 2022 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring, which started on January 12 welcomed various changes.

League of Legends Champions Korea (representative Sang-Heon Oh,, hereinafter ‘LCK’), which hosts the Korean professional league of ‘League of Legends (LoL)’ e-sports, shortens the call-up/sand-down cycle in the LCK spring of 2022 He said that the entire regular league will be played five days a week and that it will make conditional changes to the World Championship selection process.

Reducing call-up/sanddown cycle to one week

LCK has decided to shorten the call-up/sanddown cycle from two weeks to one week from the 2022 LCK spring. As a result, rosters can be exchanged weekly between the 1st and 2nd teams at the team’s discretion, allowing for a more strategic and flexible roster operation.

Addition of Power Analyst, Roster

From the 2022 season, ‘Power Analyst’ can be officially registered on the team roster. Since power analysts are officially granted access to the coach box, more detailed game analysis is possible, which is expected to have a positive impact on team performance. Power analysts are not compulsory and currently, two teams, DRX and KT, have registered power analysts.

In the process of the World Championship, the world’s most prestigious LoL tournament, four teams from Korea (LCK) entered for the first time in 2021. Although the number of advance tickets has been increased from three to four, the selection method for the Korean national team is the same as in previous years, so the two teams competing in the final match must play a match to determine whether the third or the fourth seed has already been confirmed to advance to the World Championship.

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The New Selection Method

The LCK decided to apply the new selection method to enhance tension and fun if 4 spots for the World Championship are allocated again this year. Until the winning team in summer goes straight to the world championship with the 1st seed, the team with the most championship points as the 2nd seed, and the top 4 teams with the highest championship points among 8 teams excluding these two teams participate in the Korean national team selection same.

However, under the newly introduced method, the winning team with the third seed secures the qualifications for the world championship with the exemption of the first and second seeds that have already been confirmed to advance to the World Championship. The losing team in this match wins the third and fourth place match and the winning team in the final match gets the 4th seed.

If there are 3 World Championship tickets allocated to the LCK, the existing method will be followed without changing the method. The top 4 teams in championship points, excluding those who advance to the 1st and 2nd seeds, participate in the regional representative selection round, and the final winner advances to the World Championship with the 3rd seed.

Only for the 2022 Spring, both rounds 1 and 2 of the regular league will be held 5 days a week for the 2022 LCK spring only

The regular league rounds 1 and 2 will be held 5 days a week (Wednesday-Sunday). Normally, the LCK operated the first round of the regular league 5 days a week from Wednesday to Sunday, and the second round was operated 4 days a week from Thursday to Sunday in order to control the players’ condition and secure rest time due to the fatigue that increased toward the second half of the league. .

The reason the entire LCK Spring regular league this year is operated 5 days a week is because of the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2022. LoL is an official event of the Asian Games, and in order to secure time to prepare for regional qualifiers, the regular league has been decided to be compressed as much as possible.

In addition, various corrections and supplements identified during this year’s operation were reflected in the rulebook. The 2022 LCK rulebook can be downloaded from the website.