Among the biggest and most difficult decision that a multimedia report needs to make is to decide what kind of media will be best in telling a story.

Should it be done in a video, does a photo camera and an audio recorder can get the job done or would a text story will suffice?

Make it Match

Being able to understand the weaknesses and strengths of various media formats and how it matches to your story will help it in delivering a huge impact to the listeners and readers. Keep in mind that a good story is something in which the audience decides whether it’s important or interesting. Great story usually have both by making use of storytelling in making important and significant news interesting.

Remember, the public consist of diverse audience. Even though people might share some beliefs or characteristics, they might have untold concerns as well as interests. Therefore, anything can be news. It’s just the question whether it is newsworthy or not. Journalism is a process to which reporters are using storytelling and verification to be able to turn a subject into a newsworthy one.

Simplifying News

At its basic level, news is simply a method of distribution by creating stories to be passed on to listeners, readers or viewers.