How Social Media can Help You Find the Perfect Tutorial?

How Social Media can Help You Find the Perfect Tutorial?

Now that almost everyone has a social media account, it feels like the perfect opportunity to get your skills out there and find people who can help you improve. While most social media platforms have their own niche audience, almost all of them are predominantly used for personal use. How do you share something without making it seem like you’re bragging?

If you have a 123 hp com setup and need a tutorial, here’s how you can use social media to find one?

Discover What You Like to Create

Before you start searching for tutorials, you should have a clear idea of what you’d like to create. Having a goal when looking for a tutorial will make the process much easier and will help you focus on what you need.

Use Hashtags to Find Tutorials

Hashtags are an obvious place to start if you want to find tutorials for specific skills. You can use hashtags for the type of skill you’re interested in learning, as well as the social media platform you choose to use.

This will ensure that the people who are searching for that hashtag can find your post, even if they aren’t following you. Together with the search bar on each social media platform, hashtags can be very useful for finding the perfect tutorial.

Try Out Collaboration Platforms

Collaboration platforms like Skillshare, Patreon, and Toptal are great places to look if you want to use social media to find tutorials.

These platforms are designed to connect people with different skills, allowing you to find the perfect tutorial to help you build a new skill or improve your current one.

Find a Class or Workshop Near You

Something that might not have occurred to you is that you can go out and learn in real life, in a physical space. While classes at a college or university are probably the first thing that comes to mind, there are plenty of alternatives that might suit you better.

There are lots of communities, both online and in person, that you can join to find people who want to teach what they know. You can also look for skills-focused groups and organizations in your area and see if they have any classes or workshops coming up.