At the start of new age, vast expansion of communication has significantly influenced culture all around the globe. With revolutionary developments in the world of technology, it has unified humanity and turned it into what’s known now as global village.

Glorified Tech Advances

But this has changed the idea of global room as for the past few decades, it witnessed huge advancements in communications technology.

As a matter of fact, this one includes both the fast evolution of existing technologies as well as emergence of new technologies and telecommunications, fiber optics, cable TVs, satellites, CDs, computerized image making software and several digital technology. Needless to say, we are now living in the age of information technology in which it changes how media industry operates too.

Traditionally, mass media has been overhauled with updated and complex systems.

It Never Stops

Information revolution made information processing to be rapid, information and news could be sent in almost a flash to any part of the globe. When printing press wasn’t invented, newspapers were being published in hand-written format.

Believe it or not, with technology, it created as well online newspapers which are basically the same thing with conventional newspaper publications but only difference is that, you can view and access them online.