Social Media Encourages Audience Participation On Recent News Stories

Social Media Encourages Audience Participation On Recent News Stories

According to the latest calculations, in the growing digital news world, there are currently about 5,000 jobs in the field of digital journalism, of which 3,000 are located in 30 large digital pure news organizations. A good number of these online organizations stress the significance of social media for storytelling as well as attracting audiences. When reporters assemble for the yearly meeting of the Online News Association, you can get answers to three important questions on the subject of social media and news information.

How social media services accumulate news?

If you consider both the overall coverage of the site (the percentage of Americans who make use of the site) as well as the percentage of users who are receiving news through the site, then Facebook is definitely the clear news driver amongst all social media platforms. In the United States, about two-thirds (64%) of adults utilize the site, 50 % of its end users acquire news on the site – accounting for 30% of the total population.

YouTube video sharing site ( is the second-largest way for social news – about 50 percent of Americans make use of the site, one-fifth of them acquire news through the site. This accounts for 10% of adults. The site is the same as Twitter according to research. Twitter covers 16% of Americans, half of whom say they get news through the site. This accounts for 8%. Although just 3% of the US populace uses Reddit, it is a huge victory for those who receive news – 62% received news through the site.

The way social media users participate in the news?

Fifty percent of the users of social networking sites share news, pictures or videos, and 46% users discuss news issues or events. Moreover, apart from sharing news on their selected social media sites, a few people also report the news itself by posting images or videos of trending news events. In 2014, Pew research observed that 14% of uers of social networks published images of their own news events and 12% published videos mainly on video sharing sites. This has played an important part in many recent news events, like the Ferguson, Missouri riots.

How social media made an impact on various discussions on news stories?

According to a recent survey, social media doesn’t conduct dialogue on crucial issues. In addition, Facebook and Twitter users also do not want to talk about their views in various face-to-face conditions, particularly when the social outlook disagrees.