Will AI Kill Manpower?

Will AI Kill Manpower?

With complex programs written and advanced technology introduced year after year, it made AI to be ultra-smart. As a matter of fact, AI is beginning to take over industrial jobs causing people to worry about job security.

In a research, it was discovered that marketing managers only had 1.4 percent chance of being automated by AI or be replaced by robots. And despite the fact that marketers may have felt a sigh of relief, you should not still think that you have avoided job loss entirely.

It has Begun Long before You Think

Whether you believe it or not, AI take over is already in the works. If you do believe that job disruption by Artificial Intelligence technology is constraint to assembly lines, then it is the time to start thinking over again. As a matter of fact, AI is doing an exceptional job far better than humans at some elements of marketing and sales.

Artificial Intelligence has the capability of performing deep analysis of sales calls. More so, it can do it twice as fast as managers.

Truth is, it’ll take almost a decade of non-stop sales call analysis for humans to compete. The catch is, that’s if they are not taking sleep or even vacation.

What’s alarming to some is that, AI is now used for the development of content strategies as well as email marketing playbooks. Basically speaking, it is just a matter of time before AI plays a much bigger role in the entire process.

Referring to the research earlier, it focuses on the probabilities of a job being replaced by computerization and automation that’s primarily based on level of routine that the job has. At the same time, on specialized training as well as social intelligence that is needed to complete it.

How Secure Your Job is from AI?

In the next paragraphs, you are going to see the Top 10 jobs (in no particular order) where there will be a strong presence of Artificial Intelligence. If you are working in any of the industry listed, then it is time that you step up your performance. Because otherwise, there is a chance that employers and big companies will start laying off people as replacement for AI.

  1. Telemarketing
  2. Bookkeeping clerks
  3. Benefits and compensation managers
  4. Receptionists
  5. Proofreaders
  6. Couriers
  7. Computer support specialists
  8. Advertising Salespeople
  9. Retail Salespeople
  10. Market research analysts

You cannot blame these companies on the other hand. Remember, these are still businesses and businesses are made to make money. Nothing’s personal, just business.

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