Why You Should Always Verify The Info You’re Getting Online About COVID-19

Why You Should Always Verify The Info You’re Getting Online About COVID-19

Sadly, many people are still being victimized by fake news peddled by unknown propaganda. We will never know what their reasons are for spreading these malicious and misleading reports, but they sure only will benefit the people with sinister motives behind these fake news. On the other hand, the general public will be the ones to suffer as they believe the lies being spread by these people.

Now, when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, we must ensure that everything we are reading online, be it in an online newspaper or our social media feed, is one hundred percent factual and backed by real science. Unfortunately, misinformation plagues the online world, as different sources report deceitful information about COVID-19.

What’s worse than believing these fake news online is the fact that they could ultimately lead us into danger.

People Spreading Fake COVID-19 Reports Must Be Penalized

Social media is such a great gift to humanity as information dissemination became so easy and efficient. The way information is passed from one person to another is like a smooth-sailing transport of cargo. However, the purpose of social media is defeated everytime it is used by people to spread false reports. Just this morning, my mother read something about the use of Ivermectin, a veterinary drug effective for expelling parasitic worms off cats and dogs, as an effective medicine against COVID-19.

The way the report was written was actually very persuasive, and anyone could fall victim into the false science stated by it. To be clear, the World Health Organization itself has not recommended the use of Ivermectin as a COVID-19 drug, but these fake news spreading online is giving false hope to the public that taking this medicine will give them protection against the coronavirus. What’s more bothering is that these fake news reports do not mention the dangers of humans taking Ivermectin, the worst side effect being brain hemorrage.

Do we really want to lead people to their own deaths as we unresponsibly share news reports online, especially if the news claims that a certain drug is already being celebrated as a wonder drug against COVID-19?

In these desperate times, when people are so desperate to get out of this pandemic, are we really helping other people by sharing unverified false info? Or are we just adding more conflict to an already conflicted world?

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