When Should Your Kids Use a Playpen

When Should Your Kids Use a Playpen

As a parent, you’re likely to use playpens inside your house for many reasons. There are a few things you can do to keep your baby safe. You might keep them out of the reach of a family dog or an older child. The best baby playpen can be used as a sleeping area. Playpens can sometimes be used as cribs when you’re on the go.

For four to six months

They shouldn’t be kept in a playpen. They need a lot of attention from adults, but the distance between a newborn in a playpen and an adult’s face is too far for them to get it. Not only that, but newborns can’t move enough to play in a playpen.

Before putting your baby in a playpen, make sure he can roll over, grasp a toy, and lift his head. As soon as he’s four months old, show him the playpen. He should be comfortable with it when you use it a lot. 

Between six and eight months

Use a playpen at this age. In this case, you can leave the baby in the playpen for a short time without the baby fussing too much.

Keep some new toys in his playpen so he can play with them. Babies this age also enjoy getting new things. Do not attach any toys to the sides or top of a playpen with cords or strings because babies can choke on them.

He might want to go outside and even stand up in the playpen and cry if you don’t take him out. Keep him happy in the playpen by giving him new toys he hasn’t seen before. As soon as your baby can walk, you’ll probably have to stop using the playpen. He’s going to be very angry if you try to keep him in a small space where he can walk.