We Are Given More Reason To Avoid Going Outside Until A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Successfully Developed

We Are Given More Reason To Avoid Going Outside Until A COVID-19 Vaccine Is Successfully Developed

More than six month into 2020 and we have still not figure out a way to eradicate COVID-19, a deadly pneumonia-like disease caused by a novel strain of coronavirus. The virus, officially called the SARS-CoV-2, was first identified in Wuhan, China late last year, and it has successfully spread to every continent of the world, forcing major cities to lockdown in hopes to stop the human-to-human infection. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes that we have not yet seen the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and yet many countries have no choice but to re-open their economies in spite of this fact.

As many offices, malls, parks, museums, and theaters have started to operate several months after the onslaught of the pandemic, authorities have warned that we could see a steep rise in COVID-19 infections in the coming days. In spite of the people now being used to strict sanitation processes, health screenings, and social distancing, these are not guarantee that they will not contact the disease outside their homes.

Now, based on the latest update from WHO, it appears that staying inside of our houses is still the best way to be protected from COVID-19, as there are more solid evidences coming to light about the novel coronavirus being airborne.

COVID-19 As An Airborne Disease Could Be A Game-Changer, For The Worse

Per the latest WHO bulletin, the organization has finally acknowledged the possibility that COVID-19 is actually airborne, meaning that the virus can infect one human to another by means of microdroplets freely floating in the air. However, WHO is more focused on SARS-CoV-2 being trasmittable in an indoor setting. For example, the virus could easily be trasmitted inside a closed room with poor ventilation. Thus, going to an open space like a park could still be safe.

In this case, going to malls, restaurants, and offices might not actually be a good idea at this point. No matter how far the people are away from each other, once a person sneezed or coughed, the virus can easily disperse in the air, no matter how huge the closed space is. With this development, many people are now seriously considering a work-from-home setup, and that is where these new speech language pathologist job listings could come handy for you.

It would be best to hear the authorities’ updates, especially when it comes to going outside of the house. We should also be mindful of the important things that we should to at this time of the pandemic. Until such time that a vaccine is already developed against COVID-19, then we can finally think about outdoor plans.