Using Social Media to Sell Artworks Faster

Using Social Media to Sell Artworks Faster

Who here are not using social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to stay updated with families, friends and colleagues? Most probably, you are thinking of these social media platforms only as a means to communicate with your loved ones. In reality though, businesses and even individuals are exploiting the benefits and features of social media by selling stuff online.

As a matter of fact, numerous artwork from all over the world are being marketed and sold online. Even those that came from countries like China are promoted online using 金鼎翻译.

In a study performed, around 81 percent of businesses are using social media and have seen massive increase in their sales. Being able to understand these tools will help you develop efficient and streamlined social media techniques and strategies that’ll support your business.

Let Your Market Know You

For now, you already know that collectors normally make their buying decisions not just basing on the artwork itself. Instead, they are also looking forward to know more about the artists who created the piece.

Being able to have a website of your own that showcases your bio is a wonderful start. However, social media can be integrated in the process too. Doing so will provide more glimpses to potential buyers of what they are about to expect from you.

With approximately 1 billion people who are using Facebook, 161 of it are using LinkedIn and roughly 19 million people are using Pinterest, there are just tons of would-be art collectors who have a great chance to know you via social media.

Celebrating Success

Another awesome thing with regards to social media platforms similar to LinkedIn and Facebook is the immediacy it creates. It actually creates the perfect channel of building credibility by announcing accomplishments similar to your commissions, media coverage as they happen and even awards.

If you feel less comfortable with the concept of bragging your achievements, then try other means to creatively showcase it to your market. For instance, you may make a simple and short Facebook post or Tweet thanking the panel of judges for appreciating your artworks. It is subtle, but it works like magic.