News Articles Across Different American States Reveal Numerous Incidents of Tow Driver Deaths

News Articles Across Different American States Reveal Numerous Incidents of Tow Driver Deaths

towing transport accidentProviding towing service San Jose is a thriving but risky business especially on the part of operators and drivers who face imminent danger as first responders to accidents. Last year alone several tow truck drivers met their untimely demise while performing their tasks as first responders.

In May 2023 in San Jose, an unnamed 36-year old tow truck driver was killed in a hit-and-run incident that took place in the U.S. Highway 101. According to CHP authorities, the man got out of his tow truck after parking the truck on the right shoulder of Tully Road. A resident of San Jose and working as a driver for the Alongi Brothers Towing, witnesses said he walked behind his truck while weaving into traffic, apparently to retrieve something important.

Unfortunately, the driver of a Toyota RAV4 refused to slow down. and as a result struck the San Jose driver. The force sent the driver to the other lane where he was hit again by another car. A big rig truck arrived at the scene and blocked the lane until CHP authorities arrived. Although he did so to protect the hapless driver from other oncoming vehicles, the driver had already succumbed to his death right on the spot during the initial hit-and-run incident.

A news article that came out in November 2023 also reported a similar accident involving Dmytro Prysich. The driver of a semi-truck with trailer, Prysich didn’t slow down at a crash scene at mile marker 130 on I-80 WB. As a result, Prysich struck Joshua Villa, a tow truck operator assisting police officers at the site. An Urbandale Policeman was already signalling drivers of approaching vehicles to move over, which Prysich ignored. As a result, he hit Villa who was about to alight from his tow truck.

Tow Truck Drivers in Metro Atlanta Beseech Motorists to Heed Move Over Law

traffic caused by move over lawEarly January this year in Metro Atlanta, there were news reports about three tow truck drivers killed by motorists who did not pay heed to the “Move Over” Law. In line with this, the association of tow truck drivers in Atlanta, are pleading for motorists to obey the federal “Move Over Law.” In 2023 alone, a total of 20 tow truck drivers died while responding to emergency situations.

Their deaths were all caused by motorists who did not follow the “Move Over Law” that requires motorists to move over or change lanes when about to approach a stalled vehicle with flashing emergency lights. This signifies that the vehicle is in some kind of vehicular accident.

Following the law is important in giving first responders and law enforcement authorities safe clearance while attending to emergency situations.