Colwood Corners Roofs Collapsed, Affecting Businesses

Colwood Corners Roofs Collapsed, Affecting Businesses

A collapse of the part of roofing in the Colwood Corners shopping plaza has company owners.

The Colwood Fire Department states the collapse happened at roughly 2:30 a.m. Tuesday afternoon on a part of roofing overtops two empty storefronts involving the 2 businesses there.

The fire division considers the collapse was because of the build-up of water while the analysis is in its first phases. Even the Colwood Fire Department has verified in the home at the right time of the meltdown or that nobody was hurt. However, two companies have now been closed for security reasons.

Duncan Wiodarczak, chief of staff to construction proprietor Onni Group of Vancouver, stated that the Colwood Fire Department made touch roughly 3 a.m. allowing the company to know about the roof collapse in that place. And the roofs that were affected, they may check out for repair and roof services.

The Colwood Fire Captain reported the cause of the roof collapse has been researched by structural engineers. Even the 1970s-era construction has five areas. It’s on a 12.5-acre website today a part of a combined residential and commercial development by Onni that is being constructed in stages.

The spokeswoman for the City of Colwood, Sandra Russell, stated growth plans reveal the building with all the roof was supposed to be updated, but it uncertain what will occur.

Russell stated Onni is currently operating. The business was issued licenses together with much more, to get a total of 10 buildings. Onni obtained the website for $17.5 million in 2014 from prior owners League Assets, which went bankrupt.